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Terms of use

for the CornellConnect Alumni Directory

Cornell AAD maintains the CornellConnect Alumni Directory (“the Directory”) for the purposes of facilitating interaction between alumni and allowing alumni to update their records in the University databases. The CornellConnect system is Cornell NetID and password protected and may be accessed by authenticated Cornell alumni, approved University faculty and staff, students of the Johnson Graduate School of Management, and other authorized users.

Please refer to the Cornell University Privacy website for information regarding the use of personal information.

In addition to complying with any applicable University policies and guidelines in using the Directory, users of CornellConnect must abide by the following rules specific to the Directory:

  • Users will not share their password or any information resulting from access to the Directory with any other person or entity, as outlined in Policy 5.8, Authentication to Information Technology Resources. Users are responsible for all activities that occur under their user ID and password to access the Directory, including any use of information resulting from such access.
  • Users are responsible for designating the information they wish to be displayed in the Directory for other Directory users who access the Directory. By participating in the Directory, regardless of the individual designation of information or use of the default display, users agree that neither Cornell nor Cornell AAD will be liable for unauthorized use of information by any user who does not adhere to these policies and terms, and users acknowledge that they assume such a risk by participating in the Directory.
    • Absent such designation, users understand that Cornell will display, as a default: name (preferred and name as student), city/state/zip code/country (for best, home, and work), preferred class year, degree year, college, degree, major, company, job title, and personal URL. By participating in the Directory, all users consent to this default display of their information. In order to modify these settings, follow these instructions.
    • Communications sent via the “Send Email” feature will be sent directly to a recipient’s email account. The sender’s email address shall be visible to the recipient upon sending the message. The recipient’s email address will be visible only once the recipient chooses to reply to the email.
  • Unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, downloading, posting, transmitting, or duplicating any material from the Directory is prohibited.
  • Users will not use personal contact information made available through the Directory (e.g., mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, Cornell affiliations and student information, and employment information) for any commercial, advocacy-related, promotional, or political purpose. Such uses are strictly prohibited. Prohibited user activities include, but are not limited to solicitations for commercial or personal services, fundraising, socio-political advocacy, invitations to participate in research or surveys, cold-calling of any kind, or any other activities prohibited under University Policy 4.4, Access to Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development Information. Prohibited user activities also include mass-mailings or broadcast emails for any purpose that is not approved under University Policy 5.2, Mass Email Approval.
  • Users who send communications to other users via the “Send Email” feature must also comply with the terms herein. In addition, users will be respectful in all communications with other users and refrain from further contact by anyone who has asked not to be contacted, not ‘stalk’ or otherwise harass anyone, or transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature.
  • Activities that violate other alumni users' privacy, such as granting access to the system or distributing information obtained from the Directory to non-alumni, are strictly prohibited.

Cornell AAD reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether the use or misuse of information obtained through the CornellConnect Directory by any person or group is a violation of Cornell policies or these Terms of Use, or is otherwise abusive, and reserves the right to revoke access to the Directory and related websites by any such person or group deemed in violation or deemed abusive, and to take appropriate action without notice.